if you want to arrange a project, get an offer, rent lighting equipment

Eliza Górska - Świnoga
phone:  +48 609 331 338


if you are interested in renting cameras or lenses, if you want to make an appointment for testing or simply just to discuss technical innovations

Artur Orzeł
phone:  +48 502 107 727


means all technical support

Andrzej Gamdzyk
phone:  +48 722 369 222


we are waiting from 6 am till 11:59 pm
here you can pick up the equipment and gives it back

Łukasz, Mateusz, Sławek
phone:  +48 609 332 331


if you want to get information about us, our plans or if you havy any idea to prepare common events or you would like to know what we have done

Anna Szczerbińska
phone:  +48 502 172 852


if you want to get an invoice or gives us an invoice, settle your work



Izabella Kubel
phone:  +48 665 449 442


Sylwester Adamski

Krzysztof Adamski
phone:  +48 503 173 887

Andrzej Jędrzejewski
phone:  +48 603 764 864


Dear Students, we know very well the realities of students life and all these difficulties which are waiting for future cinematographers, directors and producers, that's why we try as best as we can to support all of you at the beginning of you Artistic Way.
We have prepared for you a very special offer for the hire of equipment - more friendly than a business and that's why we would like to ask you to tak a few things into consideration:


  • We asl you to organize all your matters related to rent film equipment from 9 am till 4 pm
  • Please try to arrive for the equipment with (actual!) Student ID and another identity document
  • All our equipment which you ren dosen't work only on your set but after should be able to serve for others


For you, it is certainly a trifle but it makes our significantly easie thus gain a bit more time to prepare better the equipment for you.

Thank you in advance 🙂 

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WE ARE OPEN: 6:00 - 23:45