We are delighted to announce that at the recent PSC Awards Gala, the founder of Heliograf – Sylwester Adamski – received a Special Mention and was made an HONORARY PSC MEMBER. The Laudation given in honour of Sylwester by PSC board member Artur Żurawski included the following tribute: “It is an immeasurable honour to be able to talk about a figure so multifaceted, extraordinary and friendly, and at the same time humble and extremely helpful. It is unlikely there is a single person in the PSC who has not heard of our Laureate in the context of film technology.” Sylwester Adamski was a lecturer at the Warsaw Film School for many years, and he has also cooperated with PWSFTviT in Lodz and the Wajda School. He has been involved with the PSC for over a decade, and he was also one of the experts at the “Stage of Tomorrow” iInternational Conference – which was a place for coming up with new ideas and inspirations, and talking about future technologies. In fact, the technologies of the future are undoubtedly close to his heart, which can also be seen in his involvement in the development of our Warsaw Virtual Studio.